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About us

Acenter Tools is a leading China manufacturer of cutting tools products and services. We are specialized in producing carbide end mills, carbide drills, HSSE Taps, etc. Our inventory management ensure that your workforce and facility are supplied with cutter that is reliable, durable and accurate for every operation.

In addition to a broad line of standard cutting tools, Acenter boasts a full complement of custom tooling capabilities including an experienced team of application specialists and custom tooling designers, who provide our customers with diverse engineering capabilities.

We strictly control the raw material quality, imported equipments from Germany, the Walter brand CNC machining centers. At the same time, we use German high-end brand Zoller measuring instruments, strictly guarantee the accuracy and quality of each tool through self-inspection, mutual inspection, and random inspection.

We are your steadfast partner in providing innovative solutions that deliver. That includes our knowledgeable customer service associates who strive to ensure that every customer is provided with the best possible shopping experience - first time, every time.



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Phone: +86 18602583919

Tel: +86 18602583919

Email: sales@acentertools.com

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