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What kind of milling cutter is better for stainless steel?

In stainless steel processing, except for end mills and some end mills and cemented carbide as milling cutter materials, all other types of milling cutters use high-speed steel, especially tungsten-molybdenum and high-vanadium high-speed steel with good results. Stainless steel is widely used, but because stainless steel has different characteristics from other general materials, processing stainless steel has become a major problem for technicians. Stainless steel has strong adhesion and fusion, and chips are easy to adhere to the cutting edge of the milling cutter, which worsens the cutting conditions. When milling, the cutting edge first slides on the hardened surface, which increases the tendency of work hardening; the impact vibration during milling is large, which makes the milling cutter blades prone to chipping and wear.

When milling stainless steel, the cutting edge must be sharp and able to withstand impact, and the chip groove should be large. Large helical corner milling cutters can be used to machine stainless steel pipes or thin-walled parts with wave-edge end mills. The cutting is light, the vibration is small, the chip is brittle, and the workpiece is not deformed. Carbide end mills are used for high-speed milling, and indexable end mills are used to mill stainless steel, which has achieved good results. When milling stainless steel, the same method should be used. The asymmetric cross milling method can ensure that the cutting edge is smoothly removed from the metal, the contact area of the chip bonding is small, and it is easily broken under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, so that when the tooth re-cuts into the workpiece, the chip will hit the rake face. Peeling and cutting improve the durability of the tool.



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