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What is the difference between roughing tools and finishing tools?

Rough cutting tools usually use wavy cutting edges or large rows of cutting grooves, and the cutting edge has a large contact surface and a large number of cutting tools.

Finishing tools usually use sharp cutting edges and high tool strength. The cutting edge is sharp and strong. Reduce tool making tools, reduce the taper problem of side milling, and improve the surface quality of finishing.

The difference between roughing and finishing: Roughing removes a variety of materials, the cutting speed is small, the feed and cutter are large, the dimensional accuracy is low, and the surface quality is low; less material removal, high cutting speed, a small number of feed knives to ensure the final Dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Roughing is the purpose of quickly cutting the remaining margin. When roughing, use a large feed and the largest possible cutting depth to cut as many chips as possible in a short time; use fine-grained stones mounted on the vibrating head to complete the surface (see cutting process). Super finishing is usually performed after the finishing process. The machining allowance is only a few microns, which is suitable for machining the outer ring, inner ring, flat surface, groove surface and spherical surface of crankshaft, roller, bearing ring and various precision parts.



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